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Forex: A Brief Overview

The Forex market, also known as Currency Exchange or Foreign Currency, is the largest and most liquid global marketplace with trillions of dollars in daily transaction volumes worldwide. It comprises various categories, including Retail and Institutional Investors, Brokerage, Liquidity Providers, Financial Institutions, and Hedge Fund Entities.

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In the Forex market, trades are executed in pairs such as EUR/USD (Euro vs. US Dollar), and price quotes are represented by the exchange rate of the currency pairs. The relative value and stability of currencies are widely considered as the primary indicators of national economies. The dynamic nature of the Forex market presents numerous opportunities every day, owing to these inherent characteristics.

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Trading on margin involves a high level of risk, including full loss of your trading funds. Before proceeding to trade, you must understand all risks involved and acknowledge your trading limits, bearing in mind the level of awareness in the financial markets, trading experience, economic capabilities and other aspects.

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